Hello everyone! After releasing Venezia for rift, we prepared to launch a playable version of an architecture visualization interactive project. Modern Country House is an elaborated project with a lot of furniture, realistic lightning and interactions. You can change floor material, cabinet’s colors, furniture, etc. Also you can turn on/off a fireplace. Imagine if you could see, walk, interact and choose the furniture style of your house before buy or build it? This is exactly what Modern Country House is!


We recommend to run in a normal PC with a high-end graphic card. It’s possible to run it on Oculus Rift (just hit CTRL+ENTER or ALT+ENTER) but it’s not optimized for it. To play with Oculus Rift we recommend the use of a Joystick.

There is a main menu with Graphic Options, Resume and Quit. So, you can set low graphics to run better in mid-range graphic cards.

Here is the commands list:

Control character with WASD keyboard keys or analog joystick controls

All the interactions are made when the objects are highlighted.

Keyboard/Mouse commands:

Press Right mouse button to open User Interface for change colors/materials/assets.

Press Right mouse button to turn on/off fire.

Press “M” to menu.

Joystick commands:

Press Face Button Left, Face Button Top and Face Button Right to chage colors/materials/assets.

Press Face Button Left to turn on fire

Press Face Button Bottom to turn off fire

OBS: To change the floor material you need to look down.

You can buy the editable project here.