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    I just bought the "Interactive house" scene. I thought the scenes would have come with a pre-built scene that could be used right away but instead I noticed that it has to be manually built and packaged.
    I tried to do so but without having much experience in UE4 I might not be doing it right and I run in a series of issues:
    • First of all when I build the scene I get the error in the attached screenshot.
    • Then if I try to navigate the model with mouse and keyboard the view always tilt up when it goes below the horizontal line
    • The VR mode also act weird, with the oculus i can't look around at 360 degrees but only vertically and I cannot move not even with the keyboard
    Is it possible that these issues are caused by using a different build of the engine rather than the one it was used to be built?
    Also would it be possible to have a packaged .exe for win64 as shown in the "Interactive House" showcase video?

    Many thanks and great job for your work!