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Interior/Exterior Archviz Lighting Issues

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  • Interior/Exterior Archviz Lighting Issues


    I am having issues with Exterior/Interior Scene. (Please see attached Screenshot). I cannot get the right balance of interior/exterior lighting. Exterior is too bright, interior too dark.

    I am using Skylight (Intensity 0.0), Directional Light( Intensity 3.0), No point or Spot lights, Lightmass Portal over Sliding door. Lightmass Important volume.

    I am trying to light the scene as naturally as possible.
    Auto Exposure is turned off under Project Settings, Renderings.
    Auto Exposure is turned to Automatic under Lit/Exposure.

    Post Process Volume Settings:
    Auto Exposure - Min Brightness 0.1 , Max Brightness 2.0, Exposure Bias - 1.0
    All other Post Process Volume Settings are off, Bloom, GI etc.

    World Settings:
    Lightmass Settings:
    Static lighting Level Scale : 0.3
    Num Indirect Lighting bounce: 20
    Indirect Lighting Quality : 10
    Indirect Lighting Smoothness: 1.0

    I have not changed any Baselightmass.ini file settings as I was told because of Lightmass Portals you don't need to change these settings anymore. Is this true?

    I was also told to maybe try multiple Post Process volumes, 1 for interior, 1 for exterior? Have you tried this?

    I have watched so many tutorials but just cannot get the balance right. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks Graeme
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