In the same day that Epic released 4.7.0 version we have launched a new project too!

The project was developed in 4.7.0 preview and aims photorealism and graphic quality, but also we have made a great effort to make it interactive. It’s possible to turn the fireplace on/off, change colors of cabinets, material of the floor and also different models of chairs.

We think that Unreal Engine 4 provides not only capacity for real time architectural visualization but also the possibility to interact with the scenario, like a game.

The project is playable in Oculus Rift by UE4 default but it’s not optimized for it. We have mapped joysticks controls too. Take a look at the features:

  • Interactive Scenario (change colors, materials, assets, turn on/off fire)
  • High Poly Assets
  • High Resolution Textures
  • Commented Blueprints
  • Realistic Lightning Setup Example
  • User interface made with UMG
  • Joystick mapping for better experience
  • Main Menu with Graphic Options, Resume and Quit

You can buy it in our store.

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