Viennese Apartment

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Architectural Visualization made for Unreal Engine 4.21.

Viennese Apartment is an architectural visualization project made in Unreal Engine 4. Walk around this beautiful apartment themed in Vienna.You can hear your steps, turn on the shower, lights, sauna and fill the bathtub. It comes with a lot of furniture, assets and examples of realistic lightning setup.

Architects: destilat Design Studio


  • Lights On/Off
  • Turn on the shower and after 10 seconds automatic turn off
  • Fill the bathtub and after 10 seconds automatic turn of
  • Turn on the sauna and after 10 seconds automatic turn off
  • Footsteps sound
  • High Poly Assets
  • High Resolution Textures
  • Realistic Lightning Setup Example


The demo is running at 50FPS on a GeForce GTX 780.

Control character with WASD keyboard keys.

Keyboard/Mouse commands:

When the mouse icon appears click Right Mouse Button to interact.

File format: compressed in .RAR.

License information:

The license of this project is non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicenseable. Materials, assets and examples can be used in commercial projects but the complete project cannot be used without modifications. See the complete license here.


One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information.

19 reviews for Viennese Apartment

  1. Seyed.Mahdi

    its amazing
    u know as u said i bought 4790K and 12G ram
    but right now um using the intel graphic card lol
    i should buy extra graphic card but i dont know what to buy
    u said buy GTX 9 series but you are using GTX780
    is it good to buy GTX 960 ?

  2. yann6224

    No you should better buy a gtx970 or gtx980, the 960 is shit

  3. 元昊 (verified owner)

    Can not see the outdoor lights, whether after baking to delete, is not complete project file?

    • admin (verified owner)

      Hi元昊, can you explain me more? Regards

  4. Max (verified owner)

    I just bought the London scene and I love it. Thank you so much. I do have a question regarding the light setup. Can i wright the question here or would you like me to give you a email ? I do not know what i can or can’t wright here. Thank you.

  5. Max (verified owner)

    Will I have different visuals if I load the scene in 4.8 or try to reconstruct the lighting setup in 4.8 ? I am afraid to buy the minimalist apartment on this grounds to. I have the London and having trouble recreating your setup in my own scene. Any suggestions?

  6. Marcello

    Does this project use a lightmap baked inside UE4 or another package?

    • admin (verified owner)

      yes, inside UE4. Regards!

  7. Max (verified owner)

    It seems that i can’t migrate materials from your scene to my own. it shows errors in the texture node within the material. any ideas ?

  8. diogo

    é possivel utilizar o oculos rift neste arquivo??

    • admin (verified owner)

      É sim Diogo, tem que dar o play e se o Rift estiver conectado provavelmente já vai direto. Senão tente apertar ALT+ENTER.


  9. Lee (verified owner)

    Incredible work.

  10. sciccioli (verified owner)

    Amazing work !!!

  11. xsekox (verified owner)

    Good Scene my friends.Thanks for sharing.

  12. Frentzen

    Hi! Great work!!
    I’m interested in buying it but I was wondering if it Will run on Unreal 4.10 ?

  13. Jolin

    hi, Nice work. I was wondering do you have the original files that have the interactive founctions instead of packages?

    • Daniel F

      Hi Jolin, this page you are is to purchase the complete project – it comes with all interactions listed on this project.

  14. Chuan (verified owner)

    Beautiful work & great natural lighting.
    One of the best !

  15. David (verified owner)

    Very nice project. Helped me a lot in understanding and building my own visualizations.

  16. HUANG

    Hello,This project is the source file, I can late edit again?

    • Daniel F

      Hello Huang, yes, it’s the source files on UE4. Regards

  17. andrea

    Does it work on mac?

  18. kamil latocha

    can someone put back link to exe format ?

  19. Teapot

    Hi, is this scene suitable for 4.15 ?

    • Daniel Ribeiro

      Hi, it can work on 4.15 but maybe it will need some adjustments because Epic always change a lot of settings on newer versions of the Engine. Regards

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