Lake House

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    Winter House

    Editable Archviz project made for Unreal Engine 4.20.

    The Holiday house on the Rigi Scheidegg is a building designed by ANDREAS FUHRIMANN GABRIELLE HÄCHLER ARCHITEKTEN. As described by the studio, the building was arranged on the periphery of the property so that the distance to the neighbouring houses was as large as posssible and so that the option of constructing another building could be left open. The concrete cellar anchors the building in the sloping terrain and houses the entrance area and the technical servicing, on top of which is the wooden volume of the building which appears something like a ship.

    UE4Arch team has brought this project to the Virtual Reality so that more people could know and visit this wonderful and inspiring house. We tried to bring as much interaction and realism as possible with objects from this scene, especially by opening and closing the doors and windows of this house and bringing a bit of the feeling of being in a house on top of the mountain with a cold temperature.

    The editable project is a great learning and asset source to create your own VR experience. It comes with all furniture, textures, lightning setup and interaction blueprints.

    Technically speaking our Virtual Reality Pawn is is based on the default VR Pawn template but upgraded for new interactions like dragging and hovering objects, teleport trough floors, etc. Some of the highlights are:

    • Works with both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
    • VR Teleport between floors
    • Hover, Drag, Pickup and Drop objects
    • Hover and Drag slide doors, slide windows, common doors and common windows
    • Breakable objects like teapots, vases, etc
    • Interactive cooker that ignites the mouths and oven
    • Interactive light switches
    • Interactive Water taps with particle system
    • Interactive Toilet Flush
    • Sound effects on interactive objects
    • Audio occlusion for ambient sound
    • Bonus: - Static Light scene Night+Day versions for PC Monitor with UMG Menu included

    OBS: Project is using Luoshuang's GPULightmass.

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    • Free updates of the project
    • Premium Support from our tech team
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    Sold By: UE4Arch

    Lake House

    Architectural Visualization made for Unreal Engine 4.18. This beautiful and ample house located near a lake is perfect to show the latest versions of Unreal Engine 4. It comes with a lot of furniture, assets and examples of realistic lightning setup.
    • UMG Menu
    • Planar Reflections (4.12)
    • Cinematics
    • Walkthrough
    • Footsteps sound
    • High Poly Assets
    • High Resolution Textures
    • Realistic Lightning Setup Example
    Purchasing on UE4Arch Store you get:
    • Free updates of the project
    • Premium Support from our tech team
    $271.00 $259.00 BUY