Lake House

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Architectural Visualization made for Unreal Engine 4.18.

This beautiful and ample house located near a lake is perfect to show the latest versions of Unreal Engine 4. It comes with a lot of furniture, assets and examples of realistic lightning setup.

  • UMG Menu
  • Planar Reflections (4.12)
  • Cinematics
  • Walkthrough
  • Footsteps sound
  • High Poly Assets
  • High Resolution Textures
  • Realistic Lightning Setup Example


The project is running at 120FPS on a GeForce GTX 970.

Keyboard/Mouse commands:

Use the menu to start game, open cinematics, credits or quit game.

Control the character with WASD keyboard keys.

File format: compressed in .RAR.

License information:

The license of this project is non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicenseable. Materials, assets and examples can be used in commercial projects but the complete project cannot be used without modifications. See the complete license here.


One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information.

10 reviews for Lake House

  1. contrast (verified owner)

    This is really like having a look in the “kitchen”
    Good quality, clean models and setup.
    Nice to see that they already updated the lighting system to a newer/better one.
    I’d love to see what they come up next !

  2. Jorge Marz

    Do you have the HTC Vive version?

    • Daniel Falci

      Hello Jorge this project was not made for HTC Vive but it’s possible to optimize it for VR. Regards

  3. Howe

    Is this optimized for 4.15?

    • Daniel Falci

      Hello Howe it should run fine on 4.15. Also, we will release an updated version soon. Regards!

  4. Nik Abbas

    Is it okay to open this with 4.15?

    • Daniel Ribeiro

      Sure! Best regards

  5. hydemedia

    Does this work with Oculus CV1?

    • Daniel Ribeiro

      Hello CJ, every project can be adapted to use with Oculus but at this moment none of them is optimized and have motion controllers support (but you can implement it if you want). Regards

  6. Jhonny

    Lovely job! Great quality!
    It was optimized for 4.18 and any implementations about motion controllers? thank you so much!

  7. Ulli Gönz

    Hi i want to know if the project file is included with this purchase or only the exe file. I need the project and adapt it to a personal presentation.

    • Daniel Ribeiro

      Hello Ulli, it comes with project files. You can read more about usage and applications on our terms:

  8. jeremyfukunaga (verified owner)

    Great purchase! Such a beautiful project that demonstrates the power of Unreal Engine and potential for creative realism. Hoping to learn as much as I can from it.

    Excellent customer service!

  9. majid gokdal (verified owner)

    I just purchased this but i don’t know how to open it in UE4 can please help with this ?

  10. majid gokdal (verified owner)

    Ohh sorry my bad the operation file opened but it took some time so i thought i was mistaken , thank you

    • Daniel Ribeiro

      Hello majud gokdal, glad it worked!

      Best regards!

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