As CG artists we always liked to play electronic games. Today we have advanced graphics in 3D, game engines, blueprints, etc, but at the beginning, creating a game was an arduous job.

Quake represents a big change in the market. Id Software and their engine has certainly revolutionized and brought incredible possibilities to the world of graphics computing. We can say that our work would not exist if it were not for these pioneers.

Recently, in our spare time, we created a Quake scene on Unreal Engine 4 and were very pleased with the result. The video was posted on various websites and blogs like and we were thrilled when we saw that John Romero, one of the creators of Quake, praised the scene on his Twitter.

This motivates us to continue on this path and to improve our work more and more. We do not intend to evolve this project but I hope you have enjoyed it.

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