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Architectural Visualization made for Unreal Engine 4.18.

A highly interactive archviz scene in a beautiful scandinavian style house. There are a lot of details like a hanging umbrella, a moose sculpture on the wall and small artistic adornments.

Both rooms can be viewed in 3 different times of day: morning, afternoon and evening. The interactive features are fantastic for any architecture, construction, real estate or CG professional.


  • Interactive Floor Plan that show player location and rotation
  • Edit mode with a Free Color Switcher for furniture
  • Change Roughness Intensity for the floor
  • Save Game blueprint to save colors and roughness
  • Camera Experience where you can change FOV (Field of View), DOF (Depth of Field) and take shots of the scene
  • 3 Different Illumination Examples to see the scene in the morning, afternoon and night: changes in real time (see observations below for more details)
  • VR Mode: Enable HMD for visualization and disable widgets and interactivity. OBS: This project is not optimized and have no VR Controls. This function is just to enable and disable HMD.


The demo is running at 60FPS on a GeForce GTX 980.

Keyboard/Mouse commands:

Press Tab to open the menu with Edit Mode, Camera Mode, VR Mode and time of day changer.

On Edit Mode aim the furniture that you want to change colors and choose your color on a HSV color mixer. Look down to change the floor roughness.

When you change the color of a furniture or roughness of the floor, the color will be automatically saved on Saved>Savegames folder.

On Camera Mode use the mouse wheel to change the Field of View. Use the slider on the top right to change the Distance of Field. Press camera button to take a photo. The photo will be stored on Saved>Screenshots folder inside the project folder.

To change the time of day click on the sun/moon icons.

To get back from VR Mode just hit Tab key (obs: the widgets and interactivity are disabled in VR Mode).

When in the walthrough control character with WASD keyboard keys.

File format: compressed in .RAR.

License information:

The license of this project is non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicenseable. Materials, assets and examples can be used in commercial projects but the complete project cannot be used without modifications. See the complete license here.


1- One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information.

2- The project comes with 4 different levels (loading level + each time of day) and there is a bug on UE4.9 version with sub-levels. You need to delete the 3 sub levels everytime you want to open other level. It’s an easy workaround.

5 reviews for Interactive House

  1. caioferrazap (verified owner)

    Nice light maps and illumination

  2. caioferrazap (verified owner)

    High quality environment. Great Lights and illumination

  3. Christopher

    Does this work on a Rift or VIVE aswell?

  4. OO

    Hi, does this project updated to 4.12 and 4.13 version?

  5. conresider121

    I am a Mac user, can this work on a Mac computer?


    • Daniel Ribeiro

      Hello Phil, yes you can open it on a Mac with UE4 installed but you will need a high-end Mac with a good graphic card to run it. Regards

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