“The Works of Mercy” tells a story of a personal tragedy and wrecked psyche. When a cryptic tormentor forces the protagonist to kill people in order to save his family, the game’s hero (and the player) is posed with a series of dramatic questions. Who is the tormentor? Why is he so vengeful toward the protagonist’s family? How far do you have to go to satisfy him? How can you justify the killing in the sake of saving someone’s life? And how will you cope with the sense of guilt?

“The Works of Mercy” takes place in a photorealistic world as immersive as the real one – and UE4Arch project Viennese apartment is one of the scenes of the game. This is one of the possibilities of our photorealistic projects and we think it’s great to have one of our scenes in a thriller game.

The game will be available in Steam. See more in the kickstarter website campaign and official game website.



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